July 25, 2008

R. wins 298-272

R. wins 298-272
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No bingos tonight.

Link spew

I've been dragging around a bunch of interesting sites that I wanted to save/share, but didn't really want to put in my del.icio.us account. So here, in no order whatsoever, is a bunch of random pages that caught my eye in the last couple of weeks:

Futuristic Materials: really cool modern materials that all have interesting and useful properties. This is the real stuff of modern high-tech.

The Beige Site: answers the all important question - What is an old person? Hilarious!

Pac-man shirt by Errorwear: Just awesome.

Cupcakes vs. Muffins: answers the age-old question. (Or does it?)

100 Web Tools for Writers

The Three Laws of Great Graphs: Humorous and true.

Tips for Better Blogging: I'm probably not following any of these.

10 Hot Musics Sites: some interesting sites I hadn't heard of.

Scrabbling for Legal Rationalism: Nice write-up on why the lawsuit against the Scrabulous makers probably has little chance of winning in court.

July 14, 2008

No power for you!

No power for you!
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Don't you dare plug in your laptop at the Barnes and Noble in Plainfield, IL.

July 08, 2008

I previously posted a link about why twitter is useful (and fun!), but I recently heard an interview on NPR with one of the founders of twitter. This was one of the most succinct explanations of why twitter is more than just a "micro-blogging" tool.

After you've listened to the twitter piece, check out this one on getting and getting rid of earworms (the musical kind).

My first ever Google chart

My first ever comic strip.

July 05, 2008

Tonight we watched the fireworks from the McLean County EMA garage. Was awesome! Had great food and a great view. Saw the sun set followed by a crescent moon.

July 03, 2008

A wins 306-271

A wins 306-271
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Only coffee shop open tonight was *Bucks. No bingos tonight.