I make a concerted effort to respect the copyrights of artists and authors of all types of media. Wherever possible, I use my own artwork in posts to this blog. On occasion, I will elect to post images belonging to a third-party in order to make comments on how to use the images for teaching physics under Educational Fair Use guidelines. This page explains how I have come to the decision to post these select third-party images on this blog. If you are a content owner and feel that my use does NOT constitute fair use, please contact me directly: morrisATdrewsday.com.
All third-party images reproduced on this blog are shared under Educational Fair Use.
I believe the Internet is an unprecedented educational tool. This blog is a free educational resource created by a working physics teacher with the aim of sharing physics teaching techniques and ideas for other teachers to implement in their own classrooms..
For more information on Educational Fair Use, please see this useful checklist prepared by Columbia University Libraries.
For further information, see Carol M. Silbergerg’s “Preserving Educational Fair Use in the Twenty-First Century”, Southern California Law Review, [Vol. 74:617], < http://www-bcf.usc.edu/~usclrev/pdf/074207.pdf> [PDF].
All copyright of third-party content posted here for educational purposes belongs to its original owners.
Why I share images and references under Educational Fair Use:
The posts on this blog are legitimate academic work.
The material used is posted exclusively for commentary and criticism purposes . Furthermore, they are only posted when the content is essential to the topic. When making commentary of a work of visual art, I need to show what I am critiquing.
The work is being shown to be used in a new manner, for which the artist did not necessarily intend, therefore bringing new utility to the work. (I.e., using it in a physics classroom.)
The sources used are always cited with complete bibliographical information, including authors’ and publishers’ names, where known and available.
This blog is a non-profit educational resource.
The amount of copyrighted material used is never excessive and it never affects, in any way,  the market value of the original.

On the other hand, all the original content of Drewsday.com is licensed under a Creative Commons License.Creative Commons License
This statement of Fair Use policy has been adapted from: The Comics Grid:  Fair Use Policy last accessed on July 6th, 2011.