November 26, 2006



R. was hungry, so we found a cheese burger place.

November 14, 2006

Another Tuesday blows by, and it seems like I barely had time to breathe. All three classes met today and I wasn't really prepared for the lab this morning. I arrived on campus 10 minutes before lab was supposed to begin, so I parked over by the observatory so I could let the students in while I ran over to the science building to make copies of the morning's labs.

After lab, I was working on MP and was able to knock that out before lunch. At the lunch table we talked about some surveys that students conduct on campus. 'Twas a lively conversation! I ran back to the science building in the rain and nearly forget to copy the labs for the afternoon section!

MP and FA went relatively smoothly. After my office hour (no one stopped in, surprise, surprise...) I went home for an hour, kicked back and had a bite to eat. I changed clothes and hopped into the car ready to head to the gym when I remembered the internship fair that I wanted to check out. I dropped by that and was able to meet representatives from Senator Durbin and Senator Obama's offices. They seemed interested in the possibility of the Senator attending a HFH event next term!

November 07, 2006

I voted in Bloomington for the first time since moving in '05. I had to google the location of the polling place. Bloomington handles its elections seperate from the rest of McClean county, so I had to find the Board of Election Commissioners page first. Then, I searched by my address and found the polling station. It was on the way home from school, so that was convenient, although the parking lot closest to the entrance was rather small. But, there was a free space and the voting was quick. Maybe it's not surprising that there were a lot of local seats uncontested by Democrats in this area.

One of the Cubs blogs that I read, and often disagree with, had a list of great ideas for election reform: an election holiday, 24 hour voting, open polling, electronic check-in, and paper ballots. Definitely worth a read. Any candidate that would support this would have my vote.

November 01, 2006

The physics club has been talking about having a movie night soon. I mentioned this to one of my colleagues and he suggested that they show a physics-appropriate movie. In the past, the students have just picked a random DVD off of a shelf. But, if they show something that in someway relates to physics, perhaps they could get some of the first-year students to come and be engaged with the physics club.

So, I went to Google to find movies that related to physics or science. I found a few pages of reviews of movies with bad physics in them (see the popular Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics page), but few pages reviewing good physics movies.

There were a few good articles that I found which listed movies where physics (and science, in general) were well represented in films. A list of 10 good sci-fi movies from Guardian Unlimited and and article titled "Hollywood physics" were the two of the best compilations I could find. So, I'm going to try to compile my own list of good physics movies.