April 10, 2006

I accomplished next to nothing today. Okay, so I made it to the gym and managed to run 1.5 miles, but was too pooped to lift more than a single set after that. Also, I started grading exams that my class took last Friday while I was at ISU giving a talk, but didn't make much headway on that, either. Mostly, I was dealing with the surveys I had my class look at last week and do over this weekend.

This semester's class is interesting, because although it is dominated by seniors, there are a lot of juniors and at least one sophomore in the class as well. Senioritis is rampant and seems to be rubbing off onto the juniors. Maybe Spring semesters should be cancelled. :)

What's really got me worried is how little development I've done of the course this term. At least, compared to what I had planned to do, it seems very weak. I hope it is because I am comfortable (to a degree) with the content, and not just that I am being lazy.

One thing I did accomplish was getting a dental appointment for tomorrow to look at a loose filling. Guess I'll have to go dig out a dental card from somewhere now...

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