December 30, 2009

The disaster that is my man cave.

These out of focus photos reflect the horror that is my room. I have a plan to get the room under control. It is the 2-for-1 plan. For every one item that comes into the room as a new (or new-to-me) item, two items must be removed from the room. This plan will continue until no more items can be removed, or the room is just how I like it.

Some of the ground rules I've set for myself include:

  • A box of stuff counts as a single item. I can't count all the items in the box.

  • I can't count things like dishes or clothes that end up here. Those things have a place; they need to get there.

  • I should try to get the things that leave the room out of the house, but if I don't want to get rid of them, they have to go in the basement or the garage.

  • If something belongs in the room and I take it out, I can bring it back in without getting rid of two other things. For example, my laptop bag that I take to school everyday gets to come back into the room everyday.

I'd like to figure out a cool way to track all the stuff that is going out (and coming in) but for now, I guess I'll just list what I've done here in the blog.

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