April 02, 2011

Links from my ISAAPT talk

I gave a talk last weekend at the Illinois Section AAPT Spring 2011 meeting called "What Physics Teaching Blogs Are You Reading?"  (You'll have to scroll to the bottom of that page to see the abstract.)
     I'm putting the presentation online here, in case anyone wants to check it out.  What I said in my talk was that maybe I should have titled it "What Physics Teaching Blogs Am I Reading?" since it is a subset of some of the blogs I subscribe to in Google Reader.  The presentation has for each blog I chose: the name of the blog, the URL, a partial description of the blogger or the blog (copied from the blog itself) and a couple of particularly interesting posts that I picked out.  That's all there was to the presentation.

My ISAAPT Spring 2011 presentation

If all you want are the links to the blogs, I put them together in one convenient bundle here:

All the physics teaching blogs I'm currently reading.

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