March 21, 2012

Violin link roundup

Time for another link dump:

What Really Happened in that Double-Blind Violin Sound Test

Double blind tests – the inside story

Exclusive: how I blind-tested old violins against new

Metafilter discussion of the study

Some of these links are a few weeks (months?) old, but when we're talking about 300 year old violins, does a few weeks really matter?  I first heard about this study at the Acoustics Society of America meeting, but it wasn't until after the article came out and made the news that I really thought about it.

What I think is interesting (and great) is that the musicians were really engaged with the study that was done. You can read what three of the 21 musicians have to say about the experiment in the top three links above.  I think that these musicians really had a great grasp of what the researchers were trying to accomplish and in telling their story they do an incredible job of reaching out to other musicians to explain what the scientist were trying to study.

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