August 21, 2012

First online video assignment (for students to complete)

This assignment will be a little bit different than many of the video assignments I'm going to ask you to do this semester.

I want you to make a video using your hand as the moving object. Let the edge of a table or counter be the straight line along which your hand moves. The center of the table will be the s = 0 position. Positive position numbers will be to the right and negative position numbers will be to the left.

For each of the graphs below, I want you to interpret the position versus time graphs by performing the indicated motion with your hand. As you are executing the motions, explain all the details such as speeding up, slowing down, reversing direction, standing still, moving at constant speed, etc. You should have your hand at the appropriate position at t = 0 and at the end of the time history and be able to explain that, as well.

For each position versus time graph, sketch the corresponding velocity versus time graph and explain why the velocity vs time graph corresponds to the position vs time graph.

(Credit for this homework question goes to Arnold Arons. Credit for screencast/online video assignment goes to Andy Rundquist.)


Andy Rundquist said...

could students use their mouse on a blank background and screencast for this? I have found that screencasting (and submitting for assessment) seems to have a lower barrier than making (and submitting) videos.

Andrew said...

I have found the screencasts are easier for me to review and make comments on, but I want to leave it up to the students to find what works best for them.

I'll give them the mouse and hand option and see which option is more popular for students.

Thanks for the feedback and the great suggestion!