April 10, 2014

Standing on the shoulders of SBG greatness

I've done a lot of reading on the implementation of standards-based grading (SBG) in physics classes. I often tell people I meet that most of the SBG classrooms I know of are in the high schools. I can point to Frank Noschese, Kelly O'Shea, Geoff Schmit, and Shawn Cornally as SBG experts who have successfully used SBG in their classes and share resources online.

Looking online for resources for doing this at the college level has often seemed to turn up fewer resources, at least in my opinion. But, I do want to acknowledge the great SBG users at the college level who have helped me along my way towards using SBG. These include, though are not limited to:

Ian Beatty
Joss Ives
Todd Zimmerman
Andy Rundquist 
Rhett Allain

I'm linking above to resources that they have all posted which have helped me start to focus my plans and methods for how I'm implementing SBG in my classes.

Others who I've had great conversations related to SBG include Heather Whitney from Wheaton College, Chris Goedde from DePaul University, and Matt Harding who is a teacher I went to college with.  Thanks to all for helping me figure things out.  I couldn't have gotten this far without you.

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