January 16, 2023

Ways to make graphs for class use

I seem to at least once a semester realize that I have forgotten all the apps and websites that I've seen that help to produce graphs for class use.  These graphs can be used for formative assessments or quizzes/exams in class.  In no particular order:

Motion map maker (credit ???)

Graph template on Desmos (credit @fnoschese)

Adjustable graph template on Desmos (credit @MrJoeMilliano)

Remix of above (credit @a_freeparticle)

GraphSketch.com (I have not used it, I just sort of discovered it by googling.)

There is a pretty good Mac app called GraphSketcher, which is no longer in development, but mostly still works.  Alternatives to GraphSketcher are mostly programming environments.

There's another Mac app called Grapher which is basic but sometimes useful. 

I have downloaded a spreadsheet with adjustable sliders (filename Adjustable XVT Graphs_2020_Sliders_VBA.xlsm) for making kinematic graphs. (credit Dan Hosey) I can't find a current link to that spreadsheet, but here is version Dan put on Desmos.

Here's a video demonstrating how to make nice graphs in Inkscape. (Credit Marco Almeida)

The oPhysics site has a graph drawing page. (credit ???) Also, that site has OTHER physics drawing tools that I should try to remember.

I'll try to update this page in the future as I (re)discover other options.

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