November 01, 2006

The physics club has been talking about having a movie night soon. I mentioned this to one of my colleagues and he suggested that they show a physics-appropriate movie. In the past, the students have just picked a random DVD off of a shelf. But, if they show something that in someway relates to physics, perhaps they could get some of the first-year students to come and be engaged with the physics club.

So, I went to Google to find movies that related to physics or science. I found a few pages of reviews of movies with bad physics in them (see the popular Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics page), but few pages reviewing good physics movies.

There were a few good articles that I found which listed movies where physics (and science, in general) were well represented in films. A list of 10 good sci-fi movies from Guardian Unlimited and and article titled "Hollywood physics" were the two of the best compilations I could find. So, I'm going to try to compile my own list of good physics movies.

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