August 05, 2008

File this under Job Hunt Woes

So today (unless I don't get this posted in the next five minutes, as it is 11:55 pm right now) marked the end of my time at my first institution when I turned in my keys to the division office. I was really glad, in retrospect, that a very friendly colleague was around at the end of the day and we walked out of the department together. I barely even noticed shutting the door to my office for the last time.

The end of my stay didn't come without some indignities, however. Yesterday I was checking my email midmorning when I noticed that no email was getting through either coming in or going out. I was able to resolve the issue, thankfully. I know I'm not entitled to email there anymore, since I suppose my last official day on the payroll was July 31, but since no one told me the email would be shut off, I was a little surprised to not be able to reply to the people at my future institution.

In addition to moving and trying to transition to the new school, I'm keeping my eyes out for advertisements for teaching positions for the Fall of 2009. They just started to come out, so it's time to start getting excited again!

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