January 22, 2011


Today's photo is not a photo I took today, or a photo I took at all. Although, it is a photo I've been trying to photoshop a bit to improve the contrast, if at all possible. I'm not sure if there's any hope for that. Maybe if I had the negative of it.

Anyway, the photo is of me and a pair of characters which will be INSTANTLY recognizable to anyone who grew up in Iowa in the 70's and 80's. Duane Ellet and Floppy were icons to kids of all ages in Iowa when I was growing up. Getting to meet Floppy and tell him a joke was absolutely the highlight of a whole year. I got to meet Floppy twice: once at the State Fair and another time at a town festival. This photo is from the town festival. There was another time that I toured the WHO TV studio's for a school field trip, but Floppy was not there when we went on the Floppy Show set.

If you miss Floppy (like all Iowans my age do) you can see some clips which have been posted on YouTube.

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