June 29, 2006

Today, at about 5:00, after I had packed up all of my stuff to go home, I decided to clean up the home directory of my office computer. Yes, that was my big accomplishment for the day. :P

I do like how it turned out, however. I created a folder called "Research and Projects". In that folder are subfolders for each research project I have going on and the side projects that I eventually want to put up on the web. I know it is not a radical implementation of a fancy taxonomy, but I think this will help with getting the projects moving from ideas in my head to a completed and tangible result.

We burned up a coil that I had wrapped a few weeks ago, so most of the research time today was spent trying to find replacement bobbins that would make for a good solenoid. I'm not sure what we have is going to work, but I can't really seem to find the coil I used in grad school, either. Hopefully, we'll get a working coil and be on to better things sooner rather than later.

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