June 21, 2007

I went out to the Sugar Grove Observatory to do some impromptu observing with one of the TCAA members tonight (last night, it's now early morning) and met a nice couple who were out to see the ISS pass by at about 10:00pm. We waited and chatted, and right on schedule the ISS rose in the NW over the trees. But, what was amazing was that Atlantis had undocked and was about 10-15 degrees away from the ISS, trailing it. The transit across the sky took a minute or so, but it was enough time for me to call R. and let her know to go out and look at it. She pointed out that without the trailing shuttle she might not have been able to recognize the ISS in the midst of the O'Hare/Midway traffic, except that perhaps you could tell that the ISS and the shuttle did not have blinking lights on them. It was really neat to watch them disappear into the shadow of the Earth before they appeared to set. Really cool!

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