April 17, 2014

Dynamically updated figures - real data! Looking for more.

There are a number of graphs that I like to use in astronomy class which are based on historical data.  Over the years, the graphs have become a bit dated and I needed to find new copies of them.  I then discovered that some of these are kept up-to-date online at all times.  Very cool!  Here's one that I discovered, but I'm really looking for more examples of these.


I really thought that I had more examples of these - images that are dynamically updated, but that the url for the image stays the same. Now I can't seem to find any more.  Anyone know of any others?


Andy Rundquist said...

I think the notion of using the plot.ly api to generate these on your own, or similarly doing that with something like the wolfram|alpha api is a cool idea.

Russ Lankenau said...

Try this: http://www.solarham.net/data.htm