August 30, 2016

Day 6 - PHYS 201 and PHYS 110

Today in Physics 201 we continued with the TST activities from yesterday.  The 8:00am section started them, and the 10:00am section finished them.  In the 10:00am section we did a few more TIPERs after completing the lab activity.

In Physics 110 we looked at the data from the PhET simulation. Students were shown how to plot force vs. stretch distance. The goal I was heading for was developing the idea of a spring constant and Hooke's Law  I wanted to try to make the analysis more real to try to illustrate what we are trying to measure.  So I had this set up (thanks to our awesome lab prep staff!) in the lab:
Springs with identical hanging masses.
The springs all had the same masses hanging from them, thus the same force.  Students easily understood that the spring with the least amount of stretch was the hardest (in terms from the PhET simulation) and the spring with the largest stretch was the softest spring.  We will follow up on Thursday to see how the understanding is progressing.

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